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Never been on the boat before?
Read on about boat procedures and what to bring. To schedule a boat dive click here. For the boat calendar click here

Diving in the Point Loma kelp beds is one of the most popular
destinations for our boat. There are numerous different areas
of the beds that offer quite a variety of things to see.
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What to Bring
Our boats are small so less is better:
1) A lightweight mesh dive bag with your basic dive gear inside
2) Two full tanks
3) Water (1 liter squeeze bottles work great)
4) Something to nibble on (Power bars are great)
5) Your weights
6) A spare towel - keep a second on shore
7) Sunscreen, hat and shades
8) Cell phone (in dry box or plastic baggie)


What Not to Bring
1) Coolers
2) Big gear bags
3) All of your dry clothes (they will get wet)

Pre-Dive Set-Up
Most trips are two tank dives, and you will do your surface interval on the boat at the dive site - so take your meds if you need them - the boat is small and does bounce around! Everything that goes on the boats will (probably) get wet - so plan accordingly. The boat does have a small dry box you can (if space allows) store your car keys and wallet in. Show up at the departure site - early! You hold up everyone if you are late. Put your light dive gear, snack, and water bottle in your mesh bag. Put your wetsuit/drysuit and booties on while you are ashore (you will probably get wet going to the dive site anyway) Mount your BCD to one of your tanks while you are ashore. Set up your weight belt or your weight integrated BCD ashore. As the boat is usually on a trailer at this point, ask if you can put your things aboard before the boat is put into the water- it is easier than carting everything to the dock -- and faster too!

The Trip Out
Stay low and lean into the boat, things tend to bounce so keep an eye open. Listen to the operator, he will tell you if you need to move forward or backwards in order to trim the boat. Hang on, and think SeaHunt type thoughts.

At the Dive Site
If your BC is weight integrated, put air in your BC and slide it into the water next to the boat, secure it to the boat using the small cords. Put your final gear on including your fins your fins then get into the water and into your BC. If your BC is not weight integrated, put your weight belt on, put your BC on and put some air in it. Perform a rolling back entry into the water. Signal OK to the operator. Coming out of the water is the reverse process, except that if your BC is not weight integrated take your weight belt off in the water and slide it into the boat. Then make sure there is plenty of air in your BC and remove it securing it again to the boat using the small cords.

Heading Home
Make sure your light dive gear is stowed properly prior to heading back, things bounce!

You are ready to book a boat dive!
We are using MeetUp.com for boat scheduling.  You will need to be a MeetUp member to do anything other than view our calendar. Once you are DASC member and sign up for MeetUp.com you will be able to sign up for any of the DASC events and book a boat dive. You can visit the calendar and see what boats are scheduled and jump on one of those if it works for you. If you would be interested in another day and have two other people please email the boat scheduler and request a trip.

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Spanish Shawl commonly seen in San Diego
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