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Welcome to the Dive Animals Scuba Diving Club websiteLa Bufadora 3 hour drive to a different world has been a long time popular destination of many club members. DASC has been been going  to La Bufadora through the years with trips most recently organized by Bill Whitmarsh or Chris Toth. Located a bit south of Ensenada Mexico in Punta Banda, we are normally there for two days of diving. In the morning, we do a 2-tank boat dive. Most people relax in the afternoon and visit the tourist shops and La Bufadora (Spanish - The Snorter). La Bufadora is one of the natural wonders of the North American Pacific coast - an ocean blow hole which attracts tourists like a Mexican "Old Faithful" geyser. Nearby, is some of the most interesting diving to be found anywhere in the world.
La Bufadora bay click here for a short video

The Diving          
The diving includes vertical walls covered with an amazing abundance and variety of life. Giant rock scallops and giant green anemones, nudibranchs of many types and colors, cowries, gold and purple beaded top snails, big ling cod, morays, the occasional harbor seal or sea lion - it's impossible to adequately describe the diving in a few lines. From 30 to 70 feet depth every square inch is covered with colorful creatures fighting for a toehold; algae, sponges, tunicates, cup coral anemones.
This diving is not for beginners.
The water will be a little colder than San Diego. The vertical walls can go down well past 100 foot, and good habitual depth awareness and buoyancy control are required for safe diving. Depth gauge and compass are a must.
If you tend to get seasick, bobbing about in a panga will do it to you. Have your sea legs, or Dramamine or Bonine. The boatman can't ferry you back between dives.
It should not be a problem for you to drop into kelp, or to hover at a depth with no bottom in sight. Surge to moving you back and forth should not be an issue.

The Dive Plan
In the morning, we will launch in 3 boats to different places.  Your organizer will list the dive sites and we can preassign you to boats 20 foot, 22 foot or 24 foot (AKA, Chico, Medio & Grande)  The boats are loaded at the shore. You don your wetsuit bottom & booties or drysuit, put your BC/reg on one of your tanks. You then load your other tank and a bag with your remaining gear. The boatmen know divers lag, so they won't bring boats to shore until they see a pile of gear on the sand. Preferably 3 piles. Dale's truck will carry tanks & weights down the ramp. There will be a couple helpers.  Each person is responsible for getting their own gear on their assigned boat. If you rented tanks, you should know them by sight, to be sure you got them on the boat. Choose a seat on the boat, and try to get your bag, weights and BC'd tank placed by/under your seat.  Then smaller people get in first. Bigger folks then all help push the boat into the next good wave and then jump in. At the dive site, gear up and roll backwards off the boat. If a wall, take a compass heading on it and drop down about 30' with your buddy, then level off and swim to it. Go ahead and grab the rocks - they are covered with sponge. Don't grab a sea urchin. If you have not done this sort of thing before, we suggest you buddy with someone who has; not your sweetie who knows no more than yourself.  Bring a dive light. After the dive, swim back away from the rock wall and then surface. The boat will come to you. Hand your weight belt to someone in the boat, inflate your BC and remove it in the water. You will then hand it up to the panga drivers to haul into the boat. Then haul yourself up into the boat. 
We change tanks in the surface interval. After the second dive the boat returns to home base. There will be helpers get your gear to where we will be washing it. There will be a trough for dunking sandy booties.  Gear is dunked in water barrel #1 and then rinsed in water barrel #2. Sunday we do it all over again. You can bring your own tanks, but a fill is $5 and a rental is the same.  You can also rent any equipment there, except light or dive computer. If you want bigger than 80 cu ft, you have to bring it yourself, but high pressure tanks can be filled there.

The Accommodations
You can camp, or sleep in "Dale's Bunkhouse", on a 30' bluff overlooking the launch cove. There are 5 triple bed spaces. Bunkers need to bring their bedrolls, pillows and jammies. This half star accommodation features a gas range, sink with clean looking but suspect running water, a water heater for the showers, an indoor flush potty and a fantastic view. Campers will be right in the bunkhouse "front yard", and use the facilities and amenities. Plumbing etiquette of note: The plumbing in the bunkhouse, has very little outflow drop, so like many Mexican toilets, paper doesn't go down it.  For paper, there is a fine bucket next to the toilet.  All utility water is trucked in.  Flushing for #1 is wasteful.  More info about Dale's Bunkhouse www.labufadoradive.com
 Bunk Room

To cut down on gear transport, we supply breakfast, so you won't have to cook anything. Fruit, sodas, toilet paper, parking fees, are taken care of. In the evening we can walk over to some fine Mexican restaurants for dinner. In the afternoon, the Bufadora strip features cheap fish tacos, beer, and all sorts of other goodies. You might want to bring a cooler for your beer. Everyone should have some drinking water, say 1/2 gallon.

Getting sick has not been a problem.  Any food establishment uses bottled water. The locals know who is supposed to be in the compound and who isn't. We leave piles of gear lying about and have never had a problem with anything disappearing.

Auto Insurance
Your American auto insurance is no good down there.  You buy 48 hours worth at the border, like at the San Ysidro exit on 805.  The Mexicans are not unreasonable, but if you wreck something, your check or promise to go home and get some money to pay for it is no good.  If you are uninsured, they impound your car, and if you hurt somebody, they impound you.  Insured? - No problem. Click here for driving directions

 Let's say two (2) of you dive both days, and carpool down.  Prepaid Deposit =$30 ea. which covers 2 days parking/camping fees, bunks if you don't camp, 2 breakfasts, bottled water, tank and weight haulers, tips, snacks, sodas, organization, etc. Two boat rides and 4 tank rentals = $80.  Insurance =$26?, gas = $30? and road tolls total $16. You are up to $146 each. More carpooling would make it cheaper, as would not diving on either day. Now add money for restaurants, souvenirs, margaritas, etc. Total, $30 deposit prepaid and oh, $170 cash on you. And bring cash - no checks, no credit cards, 10 miles to the nearest ATM.


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Spanish Shawl commonly seen in San Diego
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